161021 Crayon Pop on MC DingDong’s Sangam-dong Tteokbokki

Crayon Pop was on MC DingDong’s Sangam-dom Tteokbokki. Choa said she was worried that after not having a comeback in one and a half years, fans would have abandoned them, but they were very thankful and happy that they still saw the same old faces. Way commented how she thought some fans had left for other groups, but was surprised to see so many fans return. When asked to say something to Pop-jussis, Ellin expressed her thanks to the fans and to enjoy good times together in the upcoming activies.

  • h4iumb1


  • Nando

    So now they realized how loyalty sketchbooks are, i can look another groups some time but never with the happiness that Crayon Pop injects on me, and i’ve never wished a groups success like i wish for our lovely girls, they really changed my life.

  • CP Hwaiting

    would really like to see some subs .. 🙁

  • Joseph

    Does anyone have a cut of Crayon Pop on the MBC Idol Cooking King special, I can’t seem to find it.

    • They did not appear on the actual show (got cut away)

      • Joseph

        That’s a bummer 🙁