161016 Crayon Pop M Countdown Backstage

Crayon Pop was interviewed backstage at M Countdown. Interesting tidbits include Geummi having lost 7-8 kg before the comeback!

  • WMoksg

    Hello chrome, it’s been quite some time since, care to update fans on how Soyul is doing?

    • duc

      Best to respect her privacy while she’s away..im sure they will have announcement if any new news comes up

      • WMoksg

        of course we respect her privacy, it has nothing to do with that. many are concern about her well being and situation, that’s what chrome could do more whenever possible and that’s what fans could certainly appreciate.

  • Roger

    I feel like their activity is slowly grinding to a halt. Maybe that’s just me tho.

    • ELCHO

      I don’t like it that girls are not in music shows

      • Roger

        I’d personally like to see more interviews; it’s interesting to learn about them + it’s probably less intense than a performance.

        • dukpoki

          i was hoping they were going to appear and be more active in the more popular tv shows like running man, etc to push their song further.