161003 Crayon Pop at Nakdong Peace Culture Celebration

Crayon Pop was at the Nakdong Peace Culture Celebration where they performed “DooDoomChit” and “Bar Bar Bar”.

  • ezekiel

    why bar bar bar? should perform vroom vroom.. korean are weird.. the girls must be sick with bar bar already.. for how many years they have to perform bar bar bar!? poor baby have to jump with doo doom chit costume, not to mention their high heel.. TT

    • numetal_militia

      Yeah, I also think it sucks… But it’s the only song non crayon pop fans know them for, and the event organizers just want to attract people 🙁

      • duc

        Does the organizers demand the songs? I thought it was their own choice because it was their number 1 hit….they sang barbarbar at every other live event including the Christmas gourilla last yr. but yes I think they should do it once in a while and not every time …and I think bbb doesn’t look like the real thing without helmets…I’m sure fans would want to see them do dancing queen or bing bing more often….
        Regarding vroom vroom…maybe they not allowed to promote 2 songs from the same album?

    • robertrickett

      They really should add Vroom, Vroom to their short sets. Not, only is it a great song. The choreography is epic. I put a YouTube Video of the dance on repeat one night and loved it more every time it repeated. I didn’t want it to stop. The Vroom, Vroom choreography could rival Bar, Bar, Bar.

  • Juliana Pinzon

    Ahora entiendo el traje de bar bar bar, era perfecto para su coreografía,, con este no se ve muy cómodo.

  • robertrickett

    It’s great to hear the crowds excitement again. Nice filming. If the girls just continue being Crayon Pop they are going to get a lot of love. Sad to hear about Soyul. I hope she recovers well.

  • i always wondering how they perform bar3x with their new outfit, little bit wierd