161002 Geummi’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Geummi posted a message on the Daum fancafe, titled “Thank you ^^”.

Thank you so so much to our Sketchbook today
Due to the rain up to now, I was worried if many fans would come
Thankfully, many came to cheer us on diligently
Really received a lot of energy and felt real >< Are you all familiar with the very difficult DooDoomChit fanchants already? Next week, the fanchants will become even more familiar, right?!! Hehe also About the lunchboxes Wayland gave today It was really tasty and I ate well *^^* While waiting, when Way and I saw the lunchboxes, our eyes widened~ Eldorado's lunchbox was also great!! Seeing fans from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and coming from afar to support us YongPop, I was touched once again. Thank you to all of you ㅜㅜ We have almost made a comeback for nearly a week by now We have created a week's worth of memories. The memories we will create in the future will be even more, just as blissful as the ones now, together Then, have a nice weekend evening. Take care of your health. Heart Byong Byong


Source: Daum Fancafe