161002 Crayon Pop on SBS ‘Inkigayo’

At ~12:10 KST, the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) will air its weekend music television program ‘The Music Trend’ (Inkigayo).  To promote their current single ‘Doo Doom Chit’, Crayon Pop will be returning to the stage to perform at Inkigayo.  In the past, Crayon Pop have not attended Inkigayo very often, but they’ve always put on great performances when they do.  It’s also important to note that Inkigayo now airs at a much earlier time-slot, especially when compared to other music programs.  Rearrange your schedules if you have to, because this will be a comeback stage you won’t want to miss!

Inkigayo’s charting system takes into account the following: Digital Single Sales (55%), SNS + YouTube (35%), Album Sales (5%), Advance Viewer Votes (5%), Live Votes (10%) (for 1st place candidates only)[wiki].  If you’d like to see Crayon Pop win 1st place, there are many ways you can support them.  Additionally, if you’re currently located in Seoul, you may choose to attend the live broadcast.

Stream Information:
Time: ~12:10 KST
Restreams: 1 (streams may be offline)

Visit our chat HERE for information on the latest live streams OR to chat with us during the show.

Other performers include: 2PM, Infinite, Apink, Song Jieun, Got7, December, Dal Shabet, Red Velvet, Nu’est, Dia, Kanto, Cosmic Girls, Lee Ye-joon, Anda, Kim Juna, and Seol HaYoon

Editor’s note: Post will be updated with full video of the performance shortly after broadcast.

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    guys the voting for mcountdown is open right now (not inkigayo). Please go and vote for them! I have like 5 accounts i made in the past so i just voted 5 times lol.


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      done, I’ll try with other accounts XD

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      You can vote with your facebook account and register again with your facebook email to vote again..just log out and close the old browser and reopen a new one…..
      You can vote once per day per account

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    You can vote for best Performance, Doo Doom Chit on M Countdown:


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