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  • Nacho Bidnith

    How could you not love a face like that?
    All my life, I’ve heard girls and women say “I like him because he makes me laugh”. Well, it turns out that works on men as well because these women of Crayon Pop make me laugh when they post silly things like this and make it feel like they’re wanting to make me laugh too. And I love them for it.

    • Natic Aliev

      your comment made my day.
      it’s so true! it’s because of their personalities that I love them so much
      their beauty is just the icing on the cake. the bonus.
      most girls are just beauty. no substance. no sense of humor.
      no silliness and energy.
      but Crayon Pop is life!

  • ezekiel

    this time food from wayland..^^

    • Mygiwi

      Next , Choppa… and Versoyul ? Or Versoyul… then Choppa ? 🍱🍜

      • Mygiwi

        Chopa of course (not ChoPPa) 😉