161001 Crayon Pop on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’

At ~15:40 KST, the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) will air its weekly music television program ‘Show! Music Core’ (MuCore).  Crayon Pop will be continuing their week of comeback stages by putting on another fantastic performance at MuCore.  We expect to see them perform their latest single ‘Doo Doom Chit’, one of the many new songs featured in their full length release ‘Evolution Pop Vol. 1‘.  The addictive saxophone melody and quirky choreography will surely light up the stage! Look forward to it!

One major change to MuCore since Crayon Pop last performed on the show, was that MBC has removed their charting system effective as of November of 2015[wiki].  Although the show no longer crowns a winner, there are many ways you can still support Crayon Pop.  Additionally, you may choose to attend the live/recorded broadcast.

Stream Information:
Time: ~15:40 KST
Official Stream: Link (Youtube)
Restreams: 1 (streams may be offline)

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Other performers include: 2PM, Infinite, Apink, Got7, Dal Shabet, Song Jieun, Red Velvet, Nu’est, Laboum, Mask, Lee Ye-joon, Gemma, Kanto, and Kim Juna

Editor’s note: Post will be updated with full video of the performance shortly after broadcast.