160930 Crayon Pop on KBS2 Good Morning

Crayon Pop was on KBS2’s ‘Good Morning’.

  • Nando

    I’ts the first time i see Crayon Pop performing without one of the members (i mean a CP’s song). Poor SoYul must be so tired, hope she gets well soon for the next presentations. And for those who say that Geummi had plastic surgery i see her the same as always, maybe she don’t have big cheeks like before but i don’t think that was a surgery, Geummi is drop dead gorgeus like the rest of our girls, all visuals.

    • ezekiel

      actually it’s not the first time.. during the fm era, soyul was sick too.. and they have to perform with 4 members.. ^^

      • Nando

        I didn’t see that video, gonna search, thanks for the info

  • David Ruiz

    Ojala hubieran subtitulos.

  • robertrickett

    Soyul please get better soon, we worry about you when your missing and Guemmi looks too hilarious lip-syncing your high parts

  • CP Hwaiting

    they look so cute!!

  • CP Ranger

    KBS2 Good Morning (I Like Mornings) now with English Subbed CC