160929 Crayon Pop on Arirang Sound K

After M Countdown, Crayon Pop went to Arirang Sound K for a live radio broadcast. Soyul was unfortunately not feeling well, so she did not join. Here is a clip from Arirang.

After the show, the members had a short chat with the fans gathered outside to wait for them. Before leaving, they passed out some snacks like choco-pies and biscuits to the fans. When a fan asked if it was because they did not want it, Ellin vehemently protested saying that it was to share it with everyone, making everyone laugh. As their car drove away, she insisted once again that it wasn’t the case.

  • Elegance

    Finally, 1,2,3,4 (Japanese ver) will be released.

  • MarySaMa


  • Natic Aliev

    I am going to take a guess. maybe I will be right.
    but I think the new track is going to be called ‘Playground’
    I have this weird feeling. lol

  • Konbanwa

    I think Crayon Pop and their songs are turning Japanese.

    • PopjusshiG

      I really think so.

      • GBuster

        He gets it.

    • M Arif Zainuddin

      yeah since korean didnt really accept them

      • robertrickett

        Actually, they still have a lot very devoted fans in Korea. You can hear them shouting like thunder at their concerts. Chrome being a small company doesn’t yet have the resources CP needs to provide them with effective promotion in Korea. Having signed with Pony Canyon, Crayon Pop has the support and resources to reach their potential in Japan. But, their fans in Korea have not abandoned them. Chrome is currently working on a comeback.

      • GBuster

        You completely missed the joke.

  • bobgirlsfan

    Wow wow. So happy for CP. I will definitely order the album. 2016 will be CPs year again. I can feel it.

  • apieth

    Daebak~ February comeback, please make it real ^^

  • Terry Townsend

    this will be a good jump keep fighting ladies

  • IINexus ShineII

    New release keep coming so excited

  • robertrickett

    Thank you Pony Canyon for believing in our girls and giving them the opportunity to release this album. Do I call this adventure Pony Crayon or Crayon Pony?

    • tyger11

      I just wish Pony Canyon had the smarts to not region-lock so many videos, and knew how to market stuff outside of Japan. *sign*

  • Oh damn Japanese people !! Why so lucky!?!? uh! ¬¬

  • Nando

    Whats up with old comments on the news news

    • M Arif Zainuddin

      cp.me admin should fix this

    • ezekiel

      i don’t really mind that.. the fact that they regularly update crayon pop news and material already make me happy..^^

      • Nando

        I don’t really mind neither, is just that everytime a come to a post and read the post, then read the comments i think “wtf they’re talking about” then i go up to see the post again, then i go down again to realize that the comments are old, then i lol. Obviusly i love the site and gotta thank the admins for the work they do for our Crayon Pop

    • guest

      Reading the old comments from one guy crayonatic he used to be a big fan posting here regularly. Now you see him make negative comments about cp on youtube

      • ezekiel

        yeah.. it’s so sad.. TT

  • Wen de Huang

    Soyul get well soon
    Crayon pop well done😊

  • ezekiel

    official arirang radio

  • Juliana Pinzon

    crucen el rió, venga a latinoAmerica.

  • duc

    So they didn’t sing at the studio like they did for fm?