160928 Geummi’s Message on Geumlidang Translated

Geummi posted a message on her personal fancafe, Geumlidang, titled “Our Geumlidang ^o^” after receiving lunchboxes sent from Geumlidang.


Is our Geumlidang really like this?
To give us a pleasant surprise in the form of a lunchbox, are you trying to make us infinitely touched? ^^
As it is the first broadcast for YongPop’s comeback, you gave us such a delicious lunch box ~~~ Even if that wasn’t the case, after the pre-recording of DooDoomChit in the morning, I was really hungry. We were about to order food, so I’m really, really thankful to all of you ~~As expected, no one other than you fans will take such good care of us YongPop ㅜㅜ Really. We will work hard at this promotions, to let you fans be happy >< !!! We will definitely repay everyone 😍 Looks like the Vroom Vroom later will be more empowered. Hehe Thank you as always, my precious Geumlidang, I miss you all

Source: Geumlidang