160928 Geummi’s Instagram Translated

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  • Deplorable Bidnith

    Geummi is looking better than I’ve ever seen her before. I’m ignoring all the snide comments by haters saying she’s had plastic surgery and all that crap. People’s appearance change once they pass 25 years old and she was close to that’s when Crayon Pop debuted.
    Anyway, I attribute her look to her diet and excercise program that she worked on this past summer. I don’t think women look great when they’re overly muscular but looking at her legs while wearing the mustard colored dress in the Doo Doom Chit video, her legs look like they’re perfectly defined and she looks awesome.
    Whether I’m right or the haters are, whatever she’s been doing is definitely working because she’s smoking hot right now and I say good for her!

    • ezekiel

      don’t worry about hater.. they will always hate and try to create everything to hate.. ^^