160928 Crayon Pop on MBC ‘Show Champion’

Crayon Pop appeared in a behind the scenes cut for Show Champion.

There was a prerecording before noon where they recorded DooDoomChit. After that, they held a fanmeeting with the fans. They mentioned that they woke up at 2am to prepare for the show (as it was scheduled to begin early in the morning). Fans handed lunchboxes to the members, as well as the staff. All the international fans helped out in pasting stickers on the lunchboxes (Free foreign labor!)

They then appeared on Show Champion live, performing “Vroom Vroom” and “DooDoomChit”. Check it out below for the cute performance of “Vroom Vroom” and energetic performance of “DooDoomChit”!


At ~19:00 KST, MBC Music will air its weekly music television broadcast ‘Show Champion’.  After much wait and anticipation, Crayon Pop will once again enter the promotional circuit and perform their very first comeback stage.  Crayon Pop will be performing their single ‘Doo Doom Chit’, which is featured in their latest full-length album ‘Evolution Pop Vol. 1‘.  If you haven’t already seen their live press showcase, the song is highlighted by its unique choreography and catchy saxophone melody.  This stage will be a product of the patience, hard work, and collaboration that Crayon Pop fans around the world have come to recognize and appreciate.  You’ll definitely not want to miss it!

Like the title of the broadcast implies, ‘Show Champion’ selects a ‘champion’ at the end of each broadcast.  The honor, based on a systemic charting system, goes to a performer or group that is currently leading the Korean music industry.  Since January 2013, Show Champion’s charting system accumulates its scores via the following: 50% Digital Sales (streaming + downloads), 15% Online Voting (MelOn), 20% Physical Sales (Hanteo), and 15% Ranking from Professionals & Expert Judges (MBC Music)[wiki].  If you’d like to see Crayon Pop win 1st place, there are many ways you can support them.  Additionally, if you’re currently located in Seoul, you may choose to attend the live/recorded broadcast.

Stream Information:
Time: ~19:00 KST
Restreams: 1

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Other performers include: Red Velvet, Song Jieun, Nuest, Laboum, Cosmic Girls, Kanto, Halo, Anda, Masc, Lee Ye-joon, Louie, Gemma, Seo Ha-yoon, Vx, Bok, and Mfect

Editor’s note: Post will be updated with full video of the performance shortly after broadcast.

  • h4iumb1

    Thanks a lot for this extensive post and all the links. Crayon Pop fighting!!

  • Juliana Pinzon

    OK,, lo veré de seguro

    • David Ruiz

      Es en la madrugada

  • Mygiwi

    Better than I expected !! Vroom vroom and Doo Doom Chit !?
    I love this girls 😍

  • Steel Knot

    cute dance for Vroom Vroom <3

  • The Finn

    I’m super happy to see the girls on stage again, but also somewhat saddened by how nervous and… well, stiff they looked. Nervousness is totally understandable, of course: the DIY concept means this album and comeback is supremely important for them. I’m sure they’ll loosen up and can enjoy themselves properly after a few shows.

  • Mygiwi

    My first pleasure is to see the girls on the road again, vrooom (or on the stage again https://youtu.be/acZl7diYy8Q)
    My second is the number of views for each video ( by far more than the other groups who were at Show Champion. Even more than the winner Laboum.

    • The Finn

      Ohh, I got excited already by Laboum’s win but it turns out they only collected the trophy on Lim Chang Jung’s behalf.

  • NeonMoon

    A little case of ring rust after being away for over 18 month, but like champs they be back fighting!!!! Such a wonderful treat..wow..giving us 2 AWESOME performances…thank you!!!!