160927 Way’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Way left a message on the official Daum fancafe, titled “Really very thankful to our fans..”

The recent prerecordings have been delayed, usually can’t be avoided
For coming on time and using your loudest voice to cheer us on, we are very thankful!!!
It’s been a long 1 year 6 months that’s not considered short. Everyone who hasn’t changed and forget to see us with cheery expressions seems to give me a lot of strength too!!!
A lot of things happened during this period of time, I guess everyone knows it.
So, even if we wanted to do it come out faster, it was impossible. This part is also true,
Trying to start preparing while there are newcomers after newcomers is definitely not an easy task..!
Not only so, under this and that situations, it’s much more difficult than any other time to prepare the album. Every time it’s the same, but while just thinking of everyone waiting, I’ll work harder with more strength ^^
I’m not sure why, while we are happily doing our promotions, I myself also thinks of getting luck, with thoughts of a miracle happening!!
To those diligently providing proof of streaming, buying the music, etc on the fancafe,
Bookjuk Bookjuk, when I see everyone supporting us, I feel strengthened once again!!
My heart is filled with apologies and thankfulness!!!
All of you must take care of your bodies..
Especially when seeing those who have their voices hoarse, my heart is nearly torn apart.. ㅡ_ㅠ
Then let’s meet tomorrow again♥︎♥︎♥︎Goodnight^^

Even if you can’t join in the recording, those fans who support us from afar, I will treasure each and every fan of ours. Thank you very much!