160926 Crayon Pop Mini Fanmeet at Arirang Simply Kpop

Crayon Pop was at Arirang’s Simply Kpop yesterday to record two episodes. They performed a total of three times, each time with a different costume. First was the ‘Chucky’ costume, which they performed “Vroom Vroom” in. After that, there was an intermission.

After changing into outfits for “DooDoomChit”, they met fans outside for a short mini fanmeeting.

After the intermission, they recorded two rounds of “DooDoomChit” in this attire and the red attire won at their showcase.

Interesting events during the fanmeeting was when fans asked Ellin about her “Vroom Vroom” costume, but she completely forgotten that she had posted on Instagram a few minutes earlier. As expected of Elgu.

Also before the fanmeet, while the fans were gathered, a reporter from Italy requested to interview some fans on why they like K-pop and who their idol was. CP Ranger represented the international community to profess our love for Crayon Pop.