160925 Choa’s Message On Daum Fancafe Translated

Choa posted a message on the official Daum fancafe after their first performance at Music Core’s prerecording, titled “My lovely ones♡”

Today is finally DooDoomChit’s
first music broadcast stage!
As it’s been 1 year 6 months of nothing
Not sure if we will do well this comeback..
Or we will lose our touch
Will there be many fans coming
There were many worries and cause for nervousness!
But indeed
Did not turn nervous and tremble
Compared to the showcase yesterday
Today there were even more more more trembling ㅜㅜ
But then, as expected of our fans
There were more than expected.
Really there were many who came and the sound of the fanchants were so loud
Really~~~ Rea~~~lly empowering!!!
It was really in unison!! Support!
Everyone, how is the song DooDoomChit?!
Does it suit your heart~?
For this album’s preparation
it was much more difficult and tiring
How should we make it so that our fans would like it even more
Compared to any other time, there was even more agonizing thoughts put into it!
Anyways, despite lacking in many areas
it’s enough if the fans like it^^
To each and everyone who came to support
Looking at your faces
Really makes me want to cry.. Hooㅠ
To like and support us, the five members known as Crayon Pop
My heart.. really feels thankful.
To the fans who came from afar,
the fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam till Japan
Seriously seriously thank you for spending the precious time with us!!
For this promotions
I really wish there will be no sicknesses or incidents
Just want to spend happy times with our fans
To let you see a bubbly and lively image
and have a blissful promotional period!
Beginning from today
there will be more time to create more fun and interesting times ahead>..< Goodnight♥♥♥


Source: Daum Fancafe