160922 Crayon Pop’s Official Instagram Translated

Today is title track #DooDoomChit #MusicVideo filming scene🎬 For this album, Way will be in charge of this album’s music video #CrayonPop members in the midst of monitoring without rest👀 When #Way does her personal filming, the members engage in #monitoring and then later monitored it together 😅 At the filming scene, Way was more serious and diligent than ever. There were continuous heaping of praises for her from the staff☺️ “두둠칫(DooDoomChit)” music video will be released on 26th. Please anticipate it lots😍
#way #DooDoomChit #SeeYouSoon #crayonpop #chromeentertainment

Source: Instagram

  • WMoksg

    Hahaha …. to make amend for lonely christmas, Way is now really releasing all her daily living talents and skills and are showered continuously with praises …. that’s the kind of calibre the CEO of Wayland

  • Deplorable Bidnith

    If Way is the one responsible for what I’ve seen so far, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her as a director. I’m blown away at the creativity shown by these girls in just a brief video teaser.
    I can’t say how this will be received in Korea but I KNOW the international fans are going to go crazy for this. If it isn’t successful in Korea, then I just don’t know what to say about them, except that they don’t recognize greatness when it’s in front of them.