160920 Crayon Pop’s Official Instagram Translated


Tuesday is #ChoaDay 😍 Everyone~ Did you see that the coming album’s title song’s title #DooDoomChit has been announced today? Come back is really very close😭 For this album #Choa is in charge of makeup and hair. During the album jacket filming, #Way became a customer. Both pretty and cute makeup☺️ #TeacherChoa high concentration and attention to detail gives the customer the best satisfaction👍🏻 #CrayonPop members cannot stop heaping on praises😎 Choa’s efforts for this album is worth the wait✌🏻️
#choa #crayonpop #DooDoomChit #YouCanCountOnIt #chromeentertainment

Source: Instagram

  • Genji Kurokami

    Awww, it’s ok, ChoA; we still love you!!

  • apieth

    This pic is a gift for me ^^
    That smile ☺️ Melts me

  • Uncle Fan

    Her smile is so sweet. Such a nice girl.

  • robertrickett

    ‘Lay your head on my shoulder, lay your warm and….’ Oh,sorry-I got carried away!

    • robertrickett

      Way are my comments from months ago popping up in new places. This looks like it could fit, but I’m afraid it could turn out bad when the wrong comment hits the wrong article and doesn’t fit.

  • ezekiel

    our makeup artist choa..^^

  • Steel Knot

    pretty customer and stylist

  • CP Ranger

    I love how this comeback is showing their amazing growth in abilities and talent. hehehe 😀

    • apieth

      Puhahaha what a talent

    • Deplorable Bidnith

      I fell in love with them watching those CPTV shows.

  • Wen de Huang

    Sweet 😊