160917 Geummi’s Message on Geumlidang Translated

Geummi posted on her personal fancafe, Geumlidang a message titled “Thank you^^”

My first time being a radio DJ^^
It was a live broadcast. I was extremely nervous and quite clumsy
but many friends left messages to cheer me on. I’m really thankful.
It was a good experience. I was really surprised to see the fans come
😍😍😍 Didn’t realize that it was still the long holidays ; I know now
Had to fake it a bit Hing ~ This way it’s nice seeing your faces
We will soon be able to see each other often ^^ Despite knowing how I often screw up, you still always come supporting me. Is it alright
Hurry up and go back and have a delicious dinner. Have a nice ending to the long holidays. I love you all. Byong Byong


Source: Geumlidang cafe