160915 Geummi’s Message on Daum Fancafe Translated

Geummi posted on the official Crayon Pop Daum Fancafe titled, “It’s Chuseok^^ ”

Everyone ~~~~^^*
Are you enjoying the long Chuseok holidays~?
While there are those who are headed to their hometowns
and there will be people who were too busy to head back
Even so, they can rest until the weekend
Eat lots of tasty food and enjoy your holidays ~~
I was preparing for the ancestral rites since the morning
Having finished my meal nicely, I came ‘-‘ /
It’s been a while since the family gathered
I ate pancakes and songpyeon, never expecting it to taste so nice
Because I ate it delightedly as if it tasted like honey,
Dad said to me, “Geummi, is there anything that you don’t like to eat”
Right ^^;, I don’t have anything I don’t like to eat^^
It’s good if I eat well and exercise a lot and live well
Next next week finally ~~~~It’s Crayon Pop’s comeback
Just the thought honestly makes me excited and worried but
the all the members have been diligently preparing for it
I hope this full album’s heart and soul will live up to your expectations ^^
Everyone from our Sketchbook, are your ears set to listen to it ~~ ?! Hehe ㅋㅋㅋ
Don’t forget to wish when you see the full moon tonight ~~^^
Please enjoy yourself with a happy and pleasant long holiday

Source: Daum Fancafe

  • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

    So little information about the comeback even thought it’s near T-T

    • CP Ranger

      I think they have to plan and finish a few things.
      Their final music recording was September 4th (Ellin’s instagram). They were scheduled to film a music video this week (Choa at 21:06 on vlive http://www.vlive.tv/video/13406). I don’t know how long everything takes to finish in post-production. But, I’m sure they are trying their very best to be ready by the end of September. They promised. 🙂

      • robertrickett

        Guemmi has an interesting way of saying it, if the translations right.. She says, “Next, Next week” That could mean the week after next week, but there hasn’t been an official announcement, so what it means to me is, it’s very close and it’s going to happen this time. I can feel it.

  • robertrickett

    Vroom Vroom the new journey begins. I’m dying of curiosity: New comeback dance; new song (better than VrmVrm?): a full album ( made with Crayon Pop’s heart and soul) It’s a dream that finally comes true. Don’t worry Guemmi, I’m sure it will be beyond our expectations.

  • apieth

    Hope it’s really the end of September (31st) so I won’t missed too many days of their busy schedule