160920 Crayon Pop Comeback (Crayon Pop Evolution Vol 1)

Crayon Pop’s official Daum fancafe has updated information on the upcoming comeback. Chrome Entertainment apologizes to fans for the long wait. The full album will be titled Crayon Pop Evolution Vol 1. Including the title song, “Doo Doom Chit”, there will be a total of 17 songs, with 10 of them being new songs while the other 7 being old favorites. The digital release will happen on the night of the 25-26 September, at midnight, 26 September 2016. The physical album will be sold on 26 Sep 2016. The track list will be revealed on a later date.

They will also be pre-recording this Saturday (25 Sep) for MBC Show! Music Core.


Girl group Crayon Pop have announced that they will be coming back with a full album on 26 September 2016 digitally released at midnight with title song ‘두둠칫’ (Doo-Doom-Chit/Badum-tsh). It’s been nearing 1 year and 6 months since Crayon Pop’s last comeback and their first full album since their debut in 2012.

The title track ‘두둠칫’ gathers inspiration from online topics and neologisms. It was a production of One Two’s Oh Changhoon and Goody’s Park Seongho. It includes the currently most popular club beat mixed with a 90s melody, resulting in a catchy tune.

Crayon Pop’s agency, Chrome Entertainment say that in order to exceed the extremely popular ‘Bar Bar Bar’ from 2013 that has become their magnum opus, they had put in a lot of effort to match with their reputation as ‘original concept idols’ both in their choreography and image for ‘두둠칫’.

The album’s jacket, costumes, makeup and even MV’s concept were all prepared by the members. Chrome Entertainment has also expressed, “In order to upgrade their image from being known as helmet representatives, everything received a complete renewal. This includes the external album, the part distribution, and Ellin’s return as a rapper. The title track ‘Doo Doom Chit’ combines the latest trendy beats with an old school aspect, and will be a song that is loved by all ages from 10s to 50s.”

Crayon Pop will reveal the title song on the 23rd through a showcase, and then together with the digital music release, they will begin their promotions on 27 Sep 2016 on SBS “The Show”.

Source: SBS, Daum Fancafe