160914 Crayon Pop’s Official Instagram Translated


For those who just watched the broadcast on #Vapp we have a Welcoming Chuseok surprise event! Please answer the question below in the comments section~
During the broadcast, what was the song title and artist name of the unregistered song Soyul did not manage to sing? (Hint! OOO의 OOOOOOOO)
Five random people out of those who answer within 2 hours will receive #FriendshipRings from the members! If you can guess whose hand is whose, you will obtain twice the chance!
Everyone, have a happy Chuseok😍 #CrayonPop #crayonpop #vlive #event #Friendshipstagram #chromeentertainment

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Everyone~ Have a happy Chuseok holiday! #HanbokYongPop members’ obedient greeting is posted 💏 Love you!
#CrayonPop #crayonpop #chusuk #PleaseGoEasy #EveningBigEvent #LookingForward #chromeentertainment

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Today in an early greeting from #SoyulDay Soyul looks a bit tired! The holidays are coming but practiced into the morning👯 Everyone, are you now on the road or with family? Or are there those who are alone, don’t feel lonely! Today watch a Chuseok edition V app broadcast to feel empowered at 6PM😍
#CrayonPop #crayonpop #Soyul #soyul #MerryChuseok #MembersArePracticingEvenDuringTheHolidaysGoGo #ThereWillBeASupriseEventOnVapp #PleaseWatchTheBroadcastLotsAndLots #chromeentertainment

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  • ezekiel

    they are so cute with hanbok..^^

  • Wojcik117

    I miss Soyul on Instagram. She has such a pleasant voice 🤗

  • Mygiwi

    One of the best moments : SoYul very funny singing Ellin’s part of Uh-ee,

  • CP Ranger

    Interesting how they put the rings on their fore fingers. Just like the Planeteers in ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’
    Crayon Pop are literally here to save the planet. 😀

  • Nando

    Seems like they give us a hint in the photo so we could guess. Ellin have those pinky things in her clothes, yellow nails must be Soyul (because thats her colour), Way has that purple in her clothes, Choa have the same ring as her twin, so the one who left must be Geummi. Thats what i think 🙂

    • Wojcik117

      Damn, you’re absolutely right! Cleverly figured out.