160909 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Pre-release before Crayon Pop’s soon full album has come!! Member Way’s song that she created. Listen a lot❤️ #VroomVroom #Melon #PreRelease #CuriousAboutTitleTrackRight? #WaitABit

Source: Instagram

  • Genji Kurokami

    Kkkk, that Elgu!!

  • so

    lol when i first show the pic in the instagram i thought she was gold,,lol it was the opposite..love her!!!

  • Finn Loves Kpop

    Something’s hot alright…

  • ChoLin

    Does ElGu is saying that Vroom Vroom is not a title track for their comeback? No way 😳

    • Mygiwi

      comeback Will be later this month.