160908 Way On “You Are A Gift”

Catch Way on her 61st episode on “You Are a Gift”!

  • WMoksg

    dailymotion 01:15 ….. thugs council in progress … lol, Way to go!

    • Nacho Bidnith

      Her acting has improved a lot as this series has gone on. I hope this role opens the door to a lot more roles in dramas for her.

      • WMoksg

        yes indeed, after their CP princess aurora skit where she was such a real charmer, i was convinced that Way has what it takes to be a great and outstanding actress. As always my hope springs eternal as our girls needed much luck and “connections” in the tight k-entertainment industry.

  • Steel Knot

    Omo Omoo time to spread the gossip agian

    • CP Hwaiting

      hahaha.. she now not only gossips, she has even started spying.. now its almost like the director cant make the story go forward without her..

  • robertrickett

    Faster than an entertainment company; more courageous then a 10,000 roaring lions; able to leap insurmountable obstacles in a single bound. Look! up in the sky – its Rising Starlet; HuhMinSun; No, it’s Daytime Drama Character: Lee Kyungha; No, it’s Kpop Idol: Producer; Director; Song Writer; Promoter, Actress, singer, rap star all in one phenomenon – “Super Way” from planet Crayon alias the mild mannered HoeMinSeon

    • WMoksg

      hahaha …. great intro, show me the money and i’ll direct you to the greatest investment of a lifetime …. SuperWayi.