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Wednesday is Soyul day~❤ #Soyul’sDrawingAndTasting, today is #FoodShowGoddess Soyul and a refreshing selfie upload*^^* #CrayonPop soon-to-be released song #VroomVroom and comeback day is not far off~❣ This period time passed both slow and fast but finally I can meet you all😊 Soyul is also missing fans greatly😭 Till then please wait a while💕 Food show goddess, Soyul recommended food today is Fried Tofu Sushi and Seaweed Soup #crayonpop #Soyul #Wednesday #Selca #FriedTofuSushi #SeaweedSoup

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Being grateful to everyone from Sketchbook to give their personal vote for Crayon Pop’s logo has fi.na.lly been released 👍🏻👍🏻
The logo personally designed by Soyul spent makes it even more precious💕
Soyul suffered night and day during the logo-making process, so please give her three claps (👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻)
Crayon Pop pre-released digital, “Vroom Vroom” will be released this week🙇🏻
To the fans who voted, we want to express our heartfelt thanks once again😍😍
#Soyul’s #CrayonPop #Logo #Release #IsPrettyRight #crayonpop #chromeentertainment

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  • Terry Townsend

    Choa I hope your day with your parents is beautiful and healing,and gives you a great memory

  • Terry Townsend

    Choa did Way go with you? to parents.

  • derKAHLE

    Our lovely So(y)ul… <3

    She looks a bit like Taeyeon there.

    • Nando

      It does. But is like a perfected version 😀