160902 Choa and Way on “Quiet Dining”

The Crayon Pop twins, Choa and Way were on O’live TV’s “Quiet Dining” for a twins special edition. Check it out!

Enjoy your meal while watching it! 😉

  • ian chan

    foods and CP, never goes wrong!

  • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

    here is 12 pm, huh-sisters make me so hungry T__T

  • ezekiel


  • CP Ranger

    Food + making Way wait for her food = your death :p


    • WMoksg

      Hahaha … excellent gif… point noted 🙂

    • Mygiwi

      She seems to mean : “It’s for today or for tomorow ?”. But she must respect the name of the program, QUIET Dining. B-)

  • Mygiwi

    The twins, usually so chatty, have nothing to say ! Just eat … and enjoy ! 😊😘

  • guest

    No subs needed everyone understands the language of food

  • guest

    I know which is choa by the way she eats the full spoon with one big mouthful.just like when they were eating at the airport before going to Australia

  • i was calm and quiet watching this, then got hungry…


    • CP Hwaiting

      me too.. 😀

  • ian chan

    the second dish look interesting.

  • Juliana Pinzon

    hablando de la delgadez de way, me alegra verla comer..!!