160830 Crayon Pop At Korea 4-H Association Training Camp in Jeju Island


On 30 August, Crayon Pop performed at the 4-H Association Training Camp in Jeju. They performed FM, Uh-ee, and Bar Bar Bar. Check out their performance below.

Featured Image Source: Instagram

  • Brandon Lim

    Way’s a ninja!

  • Natic Aliev

    she needs to change her name to
    Jeet Kune Do – the WAY of the intercepting fist


  • h4iumb1

    I wonder what Ellin said to Way @ 1:56, because they look at each other and smile afterwards 🙂

  • Jessica Guzmán

    The video It’s not available in my country T_T

    • h4iumb1

      Try downloading with savefrom.net – that´s how i watch the restricted videos

      • Jessica Guzmán

        Thank you =)

    • ezekiel
      • Nacho Bidnith

        I just bookmarked that site. Thanks, I’m tired of not being able to see Crayon Pop videos because ponycanyon keeps blocking them here in America.