160829 Crayon Pop’s Official Instagram Translated


Today’s #Geummi seems to be at Flying Yoga Studio~ After hard work, being able to do a split at +100 standard completed! Next time let’s see her do a thousand points standard?!
#CrayonPop #crayonpop #geummi #ExercisingGirlsArePrettyRight #SheNotOnlyIsGoodAtEatingOnions #SelfManagementGirl #guemmi_healthy #chromeentertainmen

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The voting event for the logo for Crayon Pop’s DIY album, created by Soyul is up! Post the logo’s number as a message on Crayon Pop’s Daum cafe here or on Instagram.


The logos Soyul made are open for voting from noon today!! Soyul spent days of anguish and worry to make these logos. Everyone please vote for the Crayon Pop album logo : ) The voting period will go from 12 noon to 7 PM. Please do not forget to vote!! (Soyul’s short message – The Color is just for reference as a test. Please vote mainly on the design^^ Thus, the color of the logo will change^^)
[test color will be Crayon Pop’s color: It will mainly be Apple green for reference.] Please vote by posting in the comments with the numbers shown in the image.
#Soyu #Logo #logo #Vote #CrayonPop #crayonpop

Source: Instagram