160829 Choa’s Instagram Translated


Want to say the appearance of music being sung passionately on stage really looks blissful and wonderful👍🏻

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This is the end of summer.. Bye🖐🏻

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This also has Itaewon in the background
Just a hot summer night last week

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Seoul Tower sends its congratulations from yesterday🔵🌟

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A brilliant yesterday
Jian’s B-day🎂

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  • Stan Baker

    Oh my. I would say our Princess’s video qualifies as an image makeover.

  • OMG! My princess wearing bikini.
    Someone hold me, I’m going to faint…

    • derKAHLE

      That was my reaction when I first saw it on instagram. Then I need blood transfusion to bring me back to life.

  • ian chan

    i i i i i … i i i … iiiii just can’t contain myself

  • CP Ranger

    Wow Princess Choa, that is a very fancy white cap you have. The moon must have been very bright that night for you to be wearing a hat. 😀
    Also, you’re driving all the boys crazy. :p

    • I was thinking, thinking … and concluded that. (It’s the only plausible explanation) o/

      • ezekiel

        make sense…XD

  • WMoksg

    Just like the old days when she would often talked to herself, and now with the dissipation of the summer heat, she must be whispering sweet words of hope to welcome cool autumn. As classic as the Princess aura she has, i prayed her mid summer dreams continue to live on with total fulfilment through the rest of the seasons. Can’t wait for your comeback …. your highness.

    • CP Ranger

      I think her summer dreams and wishes were for some good BBQ food. 😀

      • WMoksg

        hahaha … you’re right, that must be on top of the “must have” list for these gluttonous kids and after that guns (comeback – shooting from both hips) and glory (success)! …. their original comeback dream for summer.

  • Dancing Queen

    So the question is who have the biggest boobs in CP. 1 vote for princess

    • Lillupie

      it’s obviously princess, it;s always been our Minjin

  • Brandon Lim

    I m so dead….

  • Lillupie

    I’ve been thinking for a while now…did Choa have work done? Not that I would mind, she’s still beautiful and cute. But I find her less and less ressembling Way (which could be a natural thing as they grow old) while Way looks the same, also, something about her features sometimes look different. On KISS her face sometimes looked stiff. Anyway, it’s a common thing, but I was just wondering. Still our princess 😀

    • CP Ranger

      Some people were guessing she had some lip fillers or botox done in preparation for the come back; which some idols tend to do. My guess is that years of doing the Bing Bing thug smirk gave her a natural lip lift on the left side of her face. Pre K.I.S.S., you can see the left side of her mouth crook up when she talks during interviews or smiles. For me, this was one of the most endearing features of our Black Hole of Charms. Maybe, she was starting to feel self conscious about it or it was starting to create a wrinkle on her cheek. I don’t know. But, like you said, she is still our Princess. The sun may look a little different when it rises each day, but it is still beautiful every single day. 🙂