160826 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Have a great weekend everybody ! Enjoy your time. Dont miss me too much~
Hehe..Hot Friday!!!! Have a good one😜

#ellin #Ellin #HotFriday

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Sexy girl 😘
Two different styles. Same beauty
@maaa_te #hiellin #Ellin #ellin #NeedSomeMakeUp..

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  • ezekiel

    you don’t need more make up… you’re beautifull the way you are..^^

  • Korean girls “killing” me… ♥__♥

    • Nacho Bidnith

      Is it just me, or is Ellin dying to cut loose with the sexy concept?
      Also, I don’t know who her friend is, but she’s gorgeous.

      • Ellin is sexy without overdoing it, and that’s good.

      • Mygiwi

        She’s model, maaa_te is her instagram.