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Crayon PopXcd9 collaboration song “Get Dumb” released publicly on music sites at noon. We ask for your support😉😉 #CrayonPop #crayonpop #cd9 #getdumb #mexico #collaboration #Collaboration #GetDumb #chromeentertainment

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  • robertrickett

    I searched YouTube for “Get Dumb dc9” and pulled up a lot of videos. Some are blocked but there were a lot of active ones. The stage is great and the crowd was going crazy over the high energy performance. If this collaboration is Sony Entertainment sponsored, it’s a good sign. Perhaps, Sony likes working with the New and Improved Chrome Entertainment. So far, a lot of things are looking better.

  • rotocrash

    Purchased K-Mex and English versions from iTunes USA. Production values are high. Great song for dancing! Really seems to be a Crayon Pop song (rhythm, harmonies, horns, arrangement) with some guys singing.

    I like it a lot!