160821 Soyul’s Message on Daum Fancafe

Soyul left a message on the Daum fancafe titled ‘Sunday!’.


Soyul has come to play with Sketchbook^^
Are you having a good weekend?
The weather is very nice!! How does everyone spend it?^^
Now it’s time for dinner..!^^
Communicating with fans on Vapp is so nice!
Really excited of the idea of seeing you soon^^
For the comeback.. it looks like just thinking of being on-stage will make my heart flutter and thump wildly. ㅎㅎ So looking forward to it!
I want the day to see you all to come quickly!
Our fancafe too, hoping it expands and becomes successful!
Once again to Fighting together^^!
No matter when! At times like this. Luck will come one day while waiting^^!!! Thank you!!!

She also posted on Facebook.


Happy Sunday !
Have you eaten a delicious dinner^-^*
Working diligently in preparation now! Don’t forget to stand by my side! Thank you^^!
-CraPop Soyul-

Source: Daum Fancafe, Facebook