160818 Way’s Instagram Translated


In a while at 9 #Naver #Vapp #CrayonPop # #LiveBroadcast will begin #Heart #Vapp #vlive #naver #crayonpop #click #heart! #9pm

Source: Instagram

  • robertrickett

    The girls seemed a little stiff at first, but when I saw the familiar Ellin hitting Way in the left shoulder. I knew that CPTV was back. By the time the girls finished eating together, they were back in form: Joking; laughing; kicking up dust and genuinely having fun. I really missed this. I’m having a great day.

    • apieth

      The same table~ feels like old cptv is back. When they do aegyo in the end, all of those cringing and annoyed members~ I love it so much 😆

  • Dancing Queen

    Soyul have a fashion style looking like grandmas. On other hand, Ellin didn’t care the shows and followed her bikini style as much as possible .