160818 Way on “You are a Gift”

Catch Way on the 46th episode of “You are a Gift”!

  • Drakis07

    hum, video say private content like wtf?

  • ?

    whats with all the comments about cd9?

    • ezekiel

      there’s a rumour in their country(mexico maybe) that CD9 will do a collaboration with crayon pop.. it seems like many of CP fans there don’t like the idea.. i don’t know why, maybe CD9 has a bad reputation..^^ we need mexico fans to clarify this..^^

      • ?

        thanks, so its just a rumour . the past day theres many comments in spanish about it. if they do any song i will look forward to it

        • J shawol

          I watched one of the music video of cd9 the Feel Alive and i think i will look forward if crayon pop will have a collaboration with them it will be fun ehehe