160812 Way on “You are a Gift”

Catch Way on the 44th episode of “You Are A Gift”!

  • If on any circumstance this “crazy and jealous woman” knock in our sweet Way, she will receive the punishment from the “Angel of Violence”. o/ I believe! XD

    • Ready.

    • Wojcik117

      I’d be afraid of her punishment. Would be a shame to get hurt in some kind of “accident”.

      • OMG! Scary now…

      • Well, sometimes the “accident” is intentional, when from Ellin.

        See, “accident” with hillbilly egg involving Ellin & Way.
        Already in time (2:02)

        • Soyul’s opinion about it: “Huh!”
          Same, in 5:15.

          • Nacho Bidnith

            2 questions… How could such a small person eat so much, and how could it be so much fun watching her do it?

          • This creature pictured on bottom is called “ALF” (from a american TV series), it is known to can eat a lot of food because have 8 stomachs.

            Well, nowadays there is strong evidences that the subject about “many stomachs” was strongly inspired by Korean people, that’s what I think. o/

          • WMoksg

            Totally agreed with you bro., i was amazed by CP in everything they do including food lol. The only reason i could confidently say is our girls are always honest and never ashame of being themselves and they’ll always trying their best to entertain us and keep us, their fans happy.

        • Wojcik117

          In this case Elgu didn’t care if her action was evident, all she wanted was to get the egg opened. Not much to say, it’s just how she is x]

          • I know. She is really like this. I just keep laughing a lot and waiting her next step.

        • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

          @lordromulus:disqus Could you send me link of the video of that picture?? Thanks :X

          • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng


          • I hope what I did helped you for can watch the video.

          • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

            Make a mistake in the reply T__T. Actually i want the video which ellin kick the shit out of ChoA above. But very thankful for your reply and generous of you ^^

          • No problem! I misunderstood you too, hehehe. Now I got it! Well, that picture where CP girls are wearing green… Unfortunately I don’t have. Seems just a picture, not a video, I think.

          • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

            if you got it, please send me too ^^

      • @Wojcik117:disqus

        This original shooting is from a video? Do you have a link, if so?

        • Wojcik117

          @disqus_YWM8wa9G2N:disqus @lordromulus:disqus
          I’ve never seen a video of kicking the shit out of ChoA, apparently she took care of the evidence. That’s all I’ve got:

          • Thank you so much for your time, again.

            The incident happens at 1:38. And I could see clearly that Ellin’s foot go near to Choa’s head but not hit she. Very good!

            Crayon Pop girls when dancing, tends to get the fans’ cry “Fighting!” literally. kekeke Wow. o/

          • dukpoki

            here’s the original youtube version:

            and here’s a different angle fancam:

            you can see the kick was nowhere near her head and it was just all a perspective illusion. 🙂

          • Thank you so much! 🙂
            That’s right, was just a perspective illusion. o/