160808 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Ellin made a joke referencing the Korean rapper, CJamm, who was the runner up for the 5th season of the Korean rap survival show, Show Me The Money.

A lot of jam…
Yo Rap is well said yoyo

#Gag #Sorry #ShowMeTheMoney #CJamm

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Devastated in the morning trying to cut the bread by the pool.

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The Hand of God…At a dematologist.. #FeelingGood #Goodnight #goodnight

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  • h4iumb1

    Wow, that ´s just great

  • Brandon Lim

    Looks like Devil’s Fruit. Fan’s love for them is indeed limitless.

  • robertrickett

    I laughted at Ellin’s joke, then laughed again, because it made her laugh. Ellen explains the meaning of Elgu and how her Comedy Genius makes it work, on CPTV Season 2 ep7 @44.34. I think we could all admit to having a little Elgu in us, if we’re being honest. Ellin’s is mixed with super cute genius-ness.

  • apieth

    Ellin probably gave us a clue that she will do rap on comeback:p