160807 Crayon Pop at Hyeon-in Song Festival

On August 7th, Crayon Pop performed FM and Bar Bar Bar at the Hyeon-in Song Festival in Busan. Watch their performance below.

  • h4iumb1

    No helmets 👍👍

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Since the shake-up at Chrome, I guess Mengu isn’t around to change the stripes on the helmets anymore.

      • dukpoki

        lol mengu

      • ezekiel

        i miss him on cptv..

      • a

        Has he left the company? Last I heard he was managing bob girls

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          I hope you’ve heard the news about Bob Girls…I’d hate to be the bearer of two pieces of bad news…

          • a

            Manager Eunjung is wife jung?
            yes i know about bob girls

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            No, Eunjung was the female manager with the Harry Potter glasses who looked like a man. She’s working for AOA apparently, but that wasn’t the main point of the link. After CEO Hwang sold Chrome, the only Chrome manager who remained was Suh, so therefore Wife Jung also left Chrome by definition. I have no information as to where he went, but he doesn’t work at Chrome anymore.

          • a

            i see , thanks for the info. so they never mentioned anything about whats happened to him..
            i knew he managed bob girls from reading youtube comments but that was a few years ago and i saw him with crayon pop from one of the fan cams from their concert in Taiwan, in late 2014 i think

          • capa

            How did you make word ‘two’ italic?

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit
  • s

    I wonder how much kpop groups earn for a performance like this one.