160805 Crayon Pop’s 1st Full Album ‘DIY’-ed

As a girl group, Crayon Pop will be challenging themselves to produce their first DIY album.

Crayon Pop will spearhead the production for the upcoming full album that will be released for sale in September. Crayon Pop’s members will be in charge of the title track’s video directing and filming.

According to company representatives, “Crayon Pop members will directly take part in producing the first full album. The entire video making process will be directly released to fans on Naver’s V Line. Way would be in charge of promotion, marketing strategy as well as the MV. Ellin and Geummi are responsible for the costumes, while Choa is in charge of hair styles and make up. Soyul will be in charge of the album cover’s design and trademark design. We believe that doing so will be highly meaningful for the members’ first full album.”

Source: Naver News