160804 Ellin’s Message on Eldorado Cafe Translated

Ellin posted on her fancafe with a message titled “^_^”

Hello everyone from Eldorado~?
You’ve all been well right? I really felt embarrassed and ashamed at seeing Yeoshin’s post..
I’ve been busy talking in places like my personal Instagram so I haven’t been coming into the cafe… Sorry everyone. ㅠㅠ
Just like my Instagram, I should come into my El Dorado Cafe often…>3<. Since I’ll be much more active now, let’s all communicate more! ㅎㅎ! And the recent heat wave.. The weather’s been really hot, be careful of heatstrokes.. I’ve recently fallen in love with snacks and have fallen for Bingsoo Icecream. I might become sick at this rate… ㅋㅋ As always, when all is said and done it's best to be at home when it's hot!^^ㅎㅎ Being blown by a fan at home is the best.... But recently we’ve been busy with our next album… We really want to give you a great song but there’s a lot to think about!! We’ll finish it quickly and release it so please continue to support us just like now ^^ Then that's all from Elgu!! Bye!! ^_^*

Source: Eldorado Cafe