160803 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Long legs king 🐢
Encountered on the road ..So pretty πŸ’•


Source: Instagram

Throwback to the past 2! πŸ‘™

#ellin #Ellin #SwimmingPool #Bikini #bikini #Selca #Video #Friends #90

Source: Instagram

Throwback to the past πŸ‘™

#ellin #Ellin #SwimmingPool #Bikini #bikini #Selca #Video

Source: Instagram

  • ezekiel

    ellin… are you trying to kill me…LOL..XD

    • I was brutally … +__+’ed … too, man. Not only you. o/

  • Daebak Jjang

    Underrated idol

  • Dancing Queen

    Seem like she’s trying to show her sexy side more frequently than before.

    • dukpoki

      Well their comeback is coming up real soon too so Ellin with her gongju-byung self doing her sexy thang (you can tell that all this comes naturally to her lol) more frequently now is only going to make more people tune in to CP’s comeback. I’d say it’s perfect timing on Ellin’s part. Smart girl. πŸ˜‰

  • Drakis07

    I think that her instagram post those last weeks is a message that she want to do a sexy/pool concept LOL. She really make me wish that i was 10 year younger and be able to date her. She is totally stunning, sexy and beautiful, well all crayon pop member are she is just showing it more lol.

    • CP Ranger

      If I were 20 years older I’d yell at her to put some clothes on! hahahaha! πŸ˜€ j/k

  • Oh My Goshed God!
    Poor mortals we are, being exposed to this kind of ‘stuff’ all day and all time. :v
    You are too blessed, Korean girls! β™₯__β™₯

  • Dog: “Hey, will let me kiss you? Nope? So.. no kiss, no selfie.” πŸ˜›

  • MadOnCP

    Not Happy.