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Excavating the memories of #CrayonPop
Tada~ Away from the heat, this is a cool, energetic but crammed #ChromeEntertainment’s #CrayonPop dress room! Every member’s promotional props are here over the past 4 years. Let’s have a cool event amidst this heat!
All fans, show your Crayon Pop collectables as proof! Debut album, member’s autograph on pictures, photographs. Leave a hashtag saying #크레용팝추억발굴 along with a sign of crayon pop’s history that you got from an event. It will last till 4 August (Thursday)!! Items in the dressing room will be gifted to a total of 5 people~!
In the future, there will be more surprise events😉 Please anticipate it! #crayonpop #event

Source: Instagram