160720 Ellin’s Instagram Translated

Ellin mentioned the The King of Jokgu, which was a movie released in 2013.

Woman who is slapped
#filming #cheek #TheKingofJokgu

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Hehe So nice. Thank you. thank you 💕

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  • apieth

    How dare 😡😡😡
    Who slapped you? I will slap him till all teeth gone 👋🏻

    • verymetal

      it’s acting, don’t slap actors xD


    I feel a many awards in music programmes this is gonna be a gold comeback I already feel tears x

    • h4iumb1

      I hope you´re right 🙂

      • ELCHO

        Well you know it’s a woman’s intuition…And for real all the time when I feel tears and my heart pound like crazy and I’m smiling like crazy when I see something it’s succesful.For real I have very artistic soul and I like difeerent people,things even music or bands! That’s why I’m CP fan…Sadly that one of a not many in my country…I support them and I believe in them 😀