160719 Soyul’s message on VerSoyul Cafe Translated

Soyul posted a message, titled “If you are Ver, what?”

Soyul is here^^*
4th anniversary is here^^ Now..Where do I begin.. So much to be thankful for..
To those who, for my sake, always take care of me, giving me strength through each and every kind word, thank you..
Because of everyone, I can get through difficult days.
I will work harder^^
I owe everything to all of you
Thank you for always being on my side; you will be on my side till the day I die, right??^^
Come to think of it, being a singer is a difficult occupation, but to me, I love being a singer to death! I love the stage and music as much too
Even until I’m old, I want to make successful albums and see fans..!
^^ We’re in this to the end right?
Thank you all so much and love you all
Like the precious ties of fate that brought us together, let us all eu-sha-eu-sha
Make wonderful memories!!!^^
Today’s Soyul photo is a cute pretend photo ㅎ


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