160719 Soyul’s Message on Daum Fancafe

Soyul posted on the Crayon Pop Daum fancafe with a message titled “Soyul’s 4th anniversary congratulations ^-^*”

4th anniversary!!!!!!!!!
Time has passed so fast ..It’s already the 4th anniversary >.< Don't even realize it.. Really it feels truly, really this time.. Time really feels to pass by quickly.. Thanks to the fans, I have been able to stay well over all these years?^^ I was able to receive the love of a lot of fans after becoming a singer and my reliable supporters, my fans, who are just like a part of my family really makes me happy and gives me strength! Just like how Soyul has a lot of attachment to her fans I'll always try to be the good singer with Healing^^ My hope is that even at an old age, as long as I don't collapse, I'll have plenty of album activities and many concerts, so as to get closer to our many fans.! Wish to see you on stage or on TV all the time^^ During this 4 years, I'm thankful for your constant love From now, hoping you would carry on supporting me! Everyone is my Healing~~~~!! Soyul is everyone's Healing~~~~!!


Source: Daum Fancafe