160719 Crayon Pop’s official Instagram Translated

There is a surprise mission for fans, search 크레용팝 on Naver.

You can try using the link below


The soulmate twins #Choa #Way’s congratulatory message. #Geummi including the other #CrayonPop members have the greatest impression of a #FanAwardCeremony and final greeting! The special love expressed by the fanclub #Sketchbook 😍😍 The heartfelt congratulations for the members’ 4th anniversary since debut #WalkingTogetherAllTheWay #LongLongTimeTogether😘

4th anniversary memorial surprise mission! #BoostCrayonPopRealTimeSearchRankings
The comeback which is nearing is close to Crayon Pop’s 4th anniversary. Why not let the long-awaited ‘Crayon Pop’ become a real time search term, as a surprise gift?
Today (19th) from 3-4pm please search for ‘크레용팝’ on Naver to show everyone’s power of unity! From 3 onwards click on Naver Go Go!
#crayonpop4thAnniversary #congratrations #choa #way #ChromeEntertainment #chromeentertainment

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19 July! Today is #CrayonPop’s #4thYearAnniversarySinceDebut😆 Introducing a surprise message to our fans for our joyous anniversary! Eldest sister #Geummi and mascot #Soyul and top rate body #Ellin’s message! The twins’ statement will be released in a second video!

4 anniversary memorial guerrilla event! #CongratulationsOnCrayonPop’s4ThAnniversary
On you fan’s Instagram accounts, upload the 5 people group picture with tag #크레용팝4주년축하해 as well as a congratulatory message@! We will pick the 5 fans who send the coolest pictures and send some precious items of us that we used while we performed in the past 😘
The time limit is until midnight!
#crayonpop4thAnniversary #congratrations #geummi #soyul #ellin #ChromeEntertainment #chromeentertainment

Source: Instagram

  • Gabe Santiago

    Congratulations to Crayon Pop on their 4th year of fantastic talents, great concepts, beautiful looks, and hearts of gold! I love you girls! ♥

  • ezekiel

    congratulations girls.. thank you for this amazing 4 years..^^

  • CP Ranger

    Anyone else get a sore finger from constantly clicking the search button in Naver? It was worth it just to have a little fun and hopefully get the real time search results for Crayon Pop show up. 😀

    • ezekiel

      it didn’t show up yet..^^

    • apieth

      Didn’t show up. A but sad but~ It’s out of blue and not prepared well