160719 Choa’s Instagram Translated

My room is now safe!
Thank you😍

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Crayon Pop is already 4 years oldπŸ’•
Love our members and our fansπŸ™†πŸ»
(Thank you Uncle Kanghwa)
#CrayonPop #4thAnniversarySinceDebut #July19 #LEDwreath

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  • Gabe Santiago

    Fantastic talents; great concept; hearts of gold! β™₯ ~ Congratulations to Choa & her fellow artists on 4 wonderful years! ~ ν™˜μƒμ μΈ 재λŠ₯, 쒋은 κ°œλ…, μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ μ™Έλͺ¨μ˜ μžμ‹ μ˜ 4 년에 크레용 팝 μΆ•ν•˜ν•˜κ³ , 금의 마음! λ‚˜λŠ” λ‹Ήμ‹ μ—κ²Œ μ—¬μžλ₯Ό μ‚¬λž‘ ν•΄μš”! β™₯

  • ezekiel

    hahahah.. i love her expresion..^^