160716 Soyul’s Message on Daum Fancafe

Soyul left a message on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe titled “Hello”

On the weekend, the rain is heavy
Drive carefully and be careful of the cold
The weather is quite chilly^^
Did you listen to the song Y-shirt well on the KISS broadcast?
Just thinking of the fans seeing it makes me tremble. This is probably because it’s the first time singing Y-shirt..ㅎ^^
Has everyone eaten? Don’t wait, I hope you will eat!
After a month of KISS’ broadcast, I’m really thankful that you came disregarding how late it was!
Forever thankful and thinking of you..!
How should I repay this thankful heart,
Later I thought that, wouldn’t by working hard and presenting my best self to meet everyone, be the repayment
Using good music and a good image to meet everyone, our fans will like it too, right^^
I, Soyul will work hard so please wait for me!
Seeing the fans seemed like it was just a few days ago, but it has already been 4 years..
From the number, it’s been 5 years..
Really, time has passed so fast…^^
While time passes like that, time will also not return
Thinking of the day to day’s importance and value,
Recently time has really passed very quickly, to the point of it being scary.. In a blink of an eye, it passes over..But there will be more important and happy days in the future
Will spend day by day happily and in a meaningful and valuable manner^^
Everyone must do the same too.
Work hard constantly, and be filled with only good things!
Thank you and love you all fans!!


Source: Daum Fancafe