160712 Way on “You are a Gift”

Check out Way’s cut on Episode 22!

  • h4iumb1

    Haha, got caught red-handed by the boss ^^

  • ian chan

    she has a lot of lines!

  • ezekiel

    way the gossip girl..hahahaha.. you can’t blame her, it’s her hobby.. LOL

    • CP Hwaiting

      I looked like Way started gossip. But the guy next to her got scolded.. Even the boss is afraid to scold her direct..

      • ezekiel

        he know way’s girls will hunt him down if he did that.. i think he did a great job to stay alive.. LOL.. hahaha

    • robertrickett

      Yah, I remember her saying that was her hobby, in an early interview. That’s why she is so perfect for this part. Way, is getting great exposure with this Day Time Drama. I’m very happy for her.

      • ezekiel

        yeah.. i was LMAO when i watch that interview..XD. not many people out there will be honest about this kind of “hobby”. maybe she just so innocent back then..^^

        • robertrickett

          My thoughts as well. Their innocence was the charm that first drew me in and as they have matured, even with success, they have keep their lightness and inner beauty.