160712 Choa’s Message on Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe Translated

Choa left a message on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe titled “A Touching Birthday,♡”

Everyone! Choa has come^^
Are you well?
Before we knew it, a year has slipped past
7/12 has come again~!
Time really~ passes fast! ㅎㅎ
Thank you really so much for the congratulations~♥
I, who received so many congratulations,
am a blessed person!
Also on the 10th, there was such a touching birthday fan meeting!
More people than expected came. So surprising
Even though we haven’t had a lot of activities
There is always that one occasion where you will constantly support me
Having people who are concerned for me is so good
It was a day filled with enjoyment..!!
Fans had really prepared a joyous period of time and created a precious memory once again~!
There were again so many gifts ㅜㅜ…
Huk Really it’s like a family’s concern for me! Really thankful
The gifts prepared last year for me have transformed into pictures of me eating outside. I’ve uploaded it~^^
My parents are really thankful to our fans. Feeling a bit embarrassed!
Really really thank you very much ㅠㅠ!
Our fans!! Now, we will work hard till we can give every the good news~~
Please wait for us and protect us, we will definitely repay everyone!
Today, I’ve been thinking of fans even more, hoping to spend good times together
So I will work even harder~ Hehe
And, tomorrow we will make the dreams become reality
We will even run!
Our fans, thank you for giving us happiness
Really thank you and feeling sorry. I love you♥

P.S Heart Pop Thank you!
I want to meet everyone♥
Thank you to Nakaji-san, Satoshi-san, Mahiro-san, P-san, Tada-san, Yuka-san, Yui-san, who came. ♡♡♡


Source: Daum Fancafe