160707 Way on “You are a Gift”

Check out Way’s cut on Episode 19!

  • :)=

  • Genji Kurokami

    ahahahah love it!!!

  • Natic Aliev

    cutie pie!

  • Mygiwi

    Wow !! Soyul.. You scared me 👻

  • ian chan

    Ma Do-Jin!!!Look at WAY! She is much better than all the girls around you!! go get her instead!

    • ezekiel

      LOL.. no.. way is mine..XD

  • CP Hwaiting

    the lead girl in black reminds me of guemmi!!

    • Mygiwi

      During one or two seconds I thought the same thing !

  • robertrickett

    Way looks so good doing that part. I’m really happy for her. The girl is on her “Way” to the top. Way is real!