160703 Way’s Message on Daum fancafe Translated

Way posted a message on Crayon Pop’s official Daum fancafe titled “Not just yet” at 4:53am KST

Maybe the time isn’t right..
The text I zealously worked on with the dawn’s emotion* isn’t going up due to an error.^^

I just want to say one thing
To those who are disappointed in, not understanding of, and irritated of us, who feel we are absurd, who feel they can do a better job etc..
We can understand these feelings better than any of you..^^

However, even more than that, even though we put in all our effort, we are frustrated
We are in anticipation more than anyone……..
Even though we want to say so much
Actions speak louder than words, and we know that
Always grateful and always thankful.
We always respect and thank you our fans!

Dawn’s emotion is referring to how night owls who suddenly get a random burst of inspiration or work ethic in the middle of the morning. This line was written in a sarcastic and annoyed manner.

Source: Daum Fancafe